Grace is baffling


Amazing, boundless, Grace.

Grace is baffling. It really doesn’t make sense to most of us.

We ask, “Well, just how far does this forgiveness thing go? It has to have an end, right?”

Grace is hard. We tend to like rules. If I know the markers, I know how I’m doing in, say, comparison to you. If I live by rules I can say that I am better than people who don’t. I am a notch above, one step or two higher on the ladder. We want to know the rules so we can better compare ourselves to those around us. Or, we take our security in the rules. “I’m good! I obey the rules.”

But then Grace comes in and says, “no, it’s not about rules,” Grace takes the rules and throws them out the window and says, “this is not your measuring system anymore.”

The bible tells the story of Grace. I’ve heard that Grace is “undeserved favor” but I think it’s more than that. That makes it sound like we still get a meal even though we are 25 cents short, but close. We’re not close. The Grace of God that I read about in the bible is more like I get great meals 3 times a day for life even though I don’t have a nickel in my pocket. God’s Grace is extravagant. It’s lavish.

There are still people who try to earn God’s favor by adhering to codes, doing good things, going to church, following rituals and legalism. Those things make sense to us. Unconditional love does not. Grace is baffling.

The Old Covenant was based on keeping 613 laws. The New Covenant replaces it with Grace.

For Christ has already accomplished the purpose for which the law was given. As a result, all who believe in him are made right with God. Romans 10:4