What can I do?

I’m good at breaking stuff, not fixing things.

I can’t build stuff. Seriously, I’ve never learned much about using tools or repairing things. When I try do-it-yourself repair, we normally have to call a repairman. I know nothing about cars, can’t fix a lawnmower and can’t tell you how to frame a wall, install an outlet or replace a ceiling fan. When we paint, I’ve been told to let others handle the trim and cutting in. I feel pretty useless in the whole handyman area.

I talk a lot and can usually make people smile. I can take some nice photos and make pretty graphics. I can write and communicate. But, seriously, what good is any of that in a foreign culture where I can’t speak the language? As it turns out, there actually is a need for my skill set in missions work. There’s a need for your skill set too.

This week I met with someone who had no idea why I am heading back to Guatemala again. It surprised me because I thought I was becoming annoying with too much information and too many updates online. But, we all miss stuff online. Maybe you missed the purpose of my trip too and think it’s all about Bundles of Love?

I’m going to Guatemala primarily as a professional photographer (yes, I do that – here’s my website). My job is to communicate the story of AMG Guatemala in images and video. I will have about 25 pounds of my pro gear with me, including lenses, speed lights, remotes, boom mic and a bunch of batteries. I’ll have my editing gear with me to work on images and video at night. Each day I will head out to a different location to capture infrastructure needs at childcare centers, photograph living conditions and work to tell the story of children trapped in crushing, third-world poverty. My images and video will be used in March when the AMG  Guatemala marketing folks produce a new informational video used in telling its story. I will be in some of the poorest parts of the country.

Is there danger? Yes. My gear is very expensive. I will do my best, and have help from Sam Avila and others, to keep watch of our surroundings to try to be as inconspicuous as possible. My gear backpack does not look like it holds thousands of dollars of camera equipment. It just looks like a backpack. When I travel internationally I hide all Nikon labels and ditch the bright Nikon strap for a tattered black strap. But, trust me, if someone demands my gear, I will hand it over quickly hoping only to ask for the memory card of that day’s images. It is all fully insured and is only stuff. So, pray for safety for me and for those with me. 

123-bundles-2But what about the Bundles of Love? While I am in Guatemala, a small team will be delivering packages to childcare centers and villages. I will get to be with them for some of their deliveries. When I learned of that, I knew that I could certainly work to contribute to the effort so I set out raising money for these supplies. I set a crazy goal of funds for 100 bundles. As of this morning, the Lord has provided funds for 123 bundles!!!

Sunday morning, my son Josh will be speaking in my place. If all goes well, I will be back speaking the next Sunday, tired from a 3:00 AM arrival but excited to share, I’m sure. I hope you’ll come Sunday morning. I love watching my doctor boy be a dad, husband, student and worship leader. I love that he is willing to speak when he gets the chance. It’s so cool to see my kids following Jesus!

I will update my Facebook page when I have cell service. I’m hoping to have WiFi in my home base where we will be each night. I will be in Oratorio with the school we sponsor on Thursday. I can’t wait to hug all our family members there!

I love you guys lots. I am so thankful that God is faithful. He often calls us into difficult, dark spaces to be the light. I’m thankful for the light you are in Southern Maine and beyond.

Love God, love others!


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