Two visits with Jesus

By Scott Linscott

Now we can get back to normal life. We did the Easter thing, paid a visit to Jesus, sang a few songs, listened to a preacher and now we can get back to normal life.

We’ll bring up his name again when we stub our toes on the coffee table or someone cuts us off, but that will be about all until Christmas rolls around and we pay Baby Jesus a visit.

Neither Christmas nor Easter ask or expect anything of us. We just open our gifts, eat big meals, and go on. Hanging out around the Jesus story makes us feel good.

“Wow, look at what at God has done for me” sure feels good.

It’s like a wedding ceremony where only the groom makes his vows and the bride smiles, nods and says, “sounds good” but makes no vows in return.

I suppose that’s why an annual visit or two are enough for so many. If we go beyond that, Jesus is probably going to ask some things of us, right?

“Hey God, I’m totally okay with focusing on what you’ve done for me but let’s leave it right there, okay? I’ll let you know when I need something. You just sit quietly out of sight.”

Do we really believe that God exists for us? Do we really believe he created us and showed us such love but doesn’t mind being shelved until Christmas and Easter?

We live as though God exists for us apart from relationship. We’ll let him know what we want or need when our kid needs college money, or our spouse is getting more and more distant or the doctor finds a mass or …

I’ve got some people on my contact list who only call when they want something. They don’t call to chat or to tell me they have something for me or to volunteer to help with something. You too? Feels great, huh?

That’s the God relationship status for so many. He has and wants so much more for us but we just show up to visit a couple times a year and hit him up with our wants.

It amazes me that when we finally do call, wrecked or ruined, stressing or worried, God always picks up, gladly. Me? Honestly? I see the “wants-something” number pop up and often let it go to voicemail. I don’t like being just another resource apart from real relationship.

My heart aches for the “chreaster” population. (Christmas + Easter) If only they could discover the fullness of life that comes in following Christ daily rather than visiting twice a year.

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